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[zerbos health foods]Macomb County Clerk Karen Spranger removed from office immediately, judge says


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  MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – Macomb County officials told Local 4 that a judge ruled Macomb County Clerk Karen Spranger?is to be removed from office immediately.

  BREAKING: Macomb County notified Judge Kelly has ruled that Clerk Karen Spranger is to be removed from office immediately. #Local4

  — ?Jason Colthorp? (@JasonColthorp) March 27, 2018

  The ruling comes as Macomb County officials were challenging Spranger’s residency in a countersuit to her lawsuit. Judge Daniel Kelly issued the order to remove Spranger?to the Macomb County Executive’s Office.

  ”It feels like 100 pounds off of my shoulders,”?Macomb County Deputy Executive Mark Deldin said.

  Macomb County officials said Spranger will be forced out when the judge’s writ is received, which is likely to be in a few days. Spragner?can appeal, but she’ll have to leave the office during the appeal process, officials said.

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  Employees in the clerk’s office said human resources workers and county lawyers took Spranger’s keys and security badge to remove her from the office.

  ”I’m confident the judge’s ruling is appropriate,” Macomb County Board of Commissioners Chair Bob Smith said. “The Board of Commissioners is ready to assist as appropriate or needed.”


  Kelly pointed to several pieces of evidence that suggest Spranger?doesn’t primarily live at 7520 Hudson Avenue, which was the residence listed on her application to run for Macomb County clerk. Kelly said the home last had electrical service in April 2015 and natural gas service in July 2015.

  In addition, mail sent to the address was returned to the sender by the U.S. Post Office because the property was vacant.

  Records from the Department of Health and Human Services show that Spranger used her Bridge Card exclusively in western Wayne County from November 2015 through the end of 2016, Kelly said. Specifically, she regularly shopped at Zerbos Health Foods in Livonia, Kroger in Westland, Better Health Marker in Novi and Plymouth and Costco in Livonia.

  RECORDS:?Spranger only used Bridge Card in Wayne County, far from supposed primary residence


  Three neighbors of the Hudson home provided witness statements saying nobody had lived at the home for years.

  Sgt. Mark Morfino of the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office said he was part of a team that executed a search warrant at the Hudson home. He said the team found entryways barricaded from the inside by wall-to-wall garbage, feces and animals to a depth of four to five feet.

  MORE:?Sergeant says clerk’s ‘home’ barricaded wall-to-wall with garbage

  Morfino said the team didn’t find any mail at the home that was dated after 2011.

  You can view the judge’s full ruling below:

  The controversy surrounding?Spranger?continued Monday with no signs of slowing down as she found?herself in the middle of two criminal investigations.


  Spranger was accused of kicking a county employee, and investigators are looking more closely at a business trip she took earlier in the month.

  Four sheriff’s deputies were called to the clerk’s office Monday when county officials alleged Spranger?and her register of deeds tried to disrupt the moving of furniture and equipment.

  The deputies returned Monday morning for an alleged assault by the clerk.

  Macomb County’s renovated clerk’s office reopened to the public Monday.

  County officials said an employee felt harassed by Spranger and went to see her supervisor.

  ”As the employee left the office, she tried barging in the office and threw her foot in the door, and as she put her foot in the door to avoid it from being closed, she kicked an employee,”?Deldin said.

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  Investigators took pictures and statements. Speaking for Spranger, register of deeds Jackie Ryan said there was no confrontation, and the employee stepped on Spranger’s foot.


  ”This is all made up, because Deldin?and them have nothing on Karen, and they’re trying to make up something to get her out of office,” Ryan said.

  ”We view her as the mother of anarchy,” Deldin said. “She doesn’t agree with anything. If it wasn’t the move, it would be some other chaos. But you cannot get agreement with her at all. You cannot reach consensus.”

  Hostility inside Spranger’s office is increasing, officials said.

  ”This is all made up because of this crazy injunction,” Ryan said. “That’s a wrongful injunction, and now the president of the United States has come on the scene to help Karen.”

  Ryan said President Donald Trump has sent staff members to help Spranger. She said they have been there for two weeks, and their role is to “get this whole matter straightened out.”

  Local 4 reached out to the White House and U.S. Marshals Service. Trump’s administration hasn’t returned comment, and a U.S. marshal hadn’t heard anything about the situation.


  Spranger?maxed out her county credit card during a trip to Washington, D.C., for a conference a couple of weeks ago, leading to problems with service at her office. Now?questions have arisen about who went on the trip, and officials are accusing Spranger of fraud.

  The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office is investigating Spranger’s?travel expenditures after a complaint was filed Friday by the country, alleging she paid for former County Commissioner Niki Brandenburg to attend the?national conference.

  ”We recognized the name, but verified this is not an employee of the county and hasn’t been since 2006,” Deldin said.

  A receipt from the conference shows Brandenburg’s fee was paid on Spranger’s?county credit card, along with?Ryan.

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  ”If you falsify information, it could be deemed as fraud,” Deldin said.

  On Friday, Deldin said she confronted Spranger and Ryan face-to-face, demanding an explanation. Ryan said they had permission.


  ”I found out about it short notice,” Ryan said. “I said, ‘Can Karen Spranger?still go to the conference?’ Finance told me yes.”

  ”They said you could take a non-employee and put it on the credit card,” Ryan was asked.

  ”‘That has no relevance,’ she said,” Ryan said.

  The woman Ryan spoke to in finance said she never mentioned the Brandenburg’s name, telling Dendin in an email that,” Ms. Ryan is looking for a scapegoat because they have again crossed a line and done something that escapes common sense.”

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  Nov. 9, 2017:?Spranger’s office given Thursday deadline to clear e-filing backlog


  Nov. 9, 2017:?Spranger fails to meet judges’ backlog deadline

  Nov. 9, 2017:?Spranger solves long wait times by bringing in benches for customers

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  Jan. 2, 2018:?Spranger files lawsuit against Macomb County alleging conspiracy against her

  Jan. 8, 2018:?Spranger?puts Macomb County hiring on hold

  Jan. 23, 2018:?Employee says Spranger pressured her to illegally alter record

  Jan. 31, 2018: Attorney for Spranger says register of deeds threatened him


  Feb. 27, 2018:?Spranger takes conspiracy allegations to federal court

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  March 27, 2018:?Spranger to be removed from office immediately, judge says

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