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[we re related]CHP rolls out maximum enforcement for holiday weekend


  SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – It’s expected to be a very busy holiday weekend along Bay Area freeways.

  The California Highway Patrol is asking people who are getting behind the wheel to slow down.

  The CHP has already started its Maximum Enforcement Period that focuses on speed.

  CHP officers say this enforcement is all about saving lives.

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  They’ll also be looking for people who are drunk driving or aggressively driving this weekend.

  They’re hoping by getting this message out they won’t run into too many problems.

  CHP officers will be out in force for the 4th of July with a record number of travelers expected on the roads this weekend, officers will be keeping an eye out for speedy drivers and other unsafe behavior.

  “We want to make sure people are driving to arrive. We’re out here enforcing the laws and hoping to encourage people to make sure they’re driving safely,” Austin Heredia said.

  Officer Austin Heredia says much of the enforcement will be focused on speed. The CHP are asking people to not let their eagerness to get out to get the best of them. Take your time while traveling.

  “Speed is one of our primary collision factors. I believe it’s our biggest factor when it comes to crashes. Whether it’s driving well above the posted speed limit and they’re unable to control their car or they’re just driving too fast for the traffic conditions,”?Heredia said.

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  Numbers from CHP show during last year’s 4th of July weekend, more than 30 people were killed in crashes along the state’s roads.?

  The highway patrol also made more than 730 arrests for drunk and drugged driving.

  “One of our main priorities is always people driving under the influence so always remember if you’re going to drink just don’t drive. Get a sober driver; Uber, Lyft anything like that,” Heredia said.

  This year’s 4th of July enforcement includes help from other states.

  The entire stretch of I-5 which also runs through Oregon and Washington state will have patrol officers watching the road.

  The best trip along the freeway this weekend will be a safe one.

  Data from the national highway traffic safety administration from 2018 shows 1/4 of traffic fatalities were related to speeding and nearly half of those drivers were not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.