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[madden mobile cheats]Madden 20 Cheats: How to get an (unfair) edge in EA’s latestNFL game


  The days of up, up, down, down codes are gone. Infinite ammo cheats are not a thing anymore. But that doesn’t mean that games can’t be cracked.


  Every game has cheats and workarounds to avoid the trickiest situations. For sports games that is a little trickier, but there are still ways of getting past tough spots and increasing your chances of winning.

  RealSport has already shown you the best players at each position in Madden 20, and a couple of money plays that can get you out of trouble on offense and defense. But what other ways are there of cheating in Madden 20?

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  It’s the oldest trick in the book, but sports games always seem to throw up a game that you just can’t win no matter what.

  Your team can be loaded with MVP candidates but your 99 overall left tackle will somehow get beaten on every other play. The super-accurate quarterback will throw a ball only for a corner to appear from nowhere. A sure-handed running back will fumble inexplicably.

  It always happens, and this is the only way to truly guard against the unwinnable game.

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  In Madden 20 you can’t turn off the auto-save feature. This means that you need to create a save point before a game and then create a second one so that the auto-save overwrites that, and not your first. Then if you reach an unwinnable game, or simply?have a poor playoff game and want another shot, you can quit and load up your first save point and start the restart a new game.

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  In the main menu you can go to Settings and select Manage Rosters. From there you have to hit Manage Players, and now you are free to play around with everyone’s stats and teams. Want to make Patrick Mahomes a superhero for the Denver Broncos? No problem! You have to keep your roster cost below the salary cap, but that is an easy fix…

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  You can play your franchise mode without the salary cap, which might be the biggest cheat of all. It frees you up to make ridiculous offers to your impending free agents and retain them all?if you want. You can throw money at actual free agents and add talent to your roster with ease.

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  Madden 20’s franchise mode allows you to edit players even after you start your save. And I don’t just mean change the kind of?facemask they have or move them from left end to right end. I mean change their stats and even change their contract.

  Not happy with the development trait of your favorite player? Change it! Think a player should be faster, stronger, or smarter? Edit their stats within your franchise! Can’t re-sign your star before he hits free agency? Hand him a new deal within the editor so he can’t leave.

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  The best place to improve your team is the draft, and with our cheats you can master it every year. Firstly, you want to turn the trade deadline off in your League Settings. This means that?you can? make trades right through the season. Through this we can trade for the top pick in the draft at a bargain price.

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  You see teams trade up to the top of the draft most years, and moving up just a few spots can cost them an arm and a leg.

  It will cost a lot if you try and do that on draft day?as well, but if you do it in Week 17 then it will be at a massively reduced price.

  You’ll still have to pay a little, but nothing like the multiple first rounders you see in the NFL.

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  Combine this strategy with the save/reload one we have previously mentioned and you can guarantee you’ll ace the draft every season.

  So there you have it, the cheats you need to dominate your Madden 20 franchise mode.