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[dragon quest xi tips]Even more Dragon Quest could be coming to Xbox Game Pass


  More Dragon Quest games could be coming to Xbox Game Pass, if the latest tease by the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account is anything to go by.

  The Xbox Game Pass Twitter account is known for its teases, especially when it comes to slipping details about upcoming additions to its game subscription service. The latest hint appears to have come after a Twitter user posted with the Gamepass hashtag saying that “I’m still deep in DQ11 but now Builders 2 has dropped into #Gamepass and it’s more DQ than I can take”. Never missing an opportunity for social engagement, the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account responded with “no, that’s just the right amount maybe…it’s not enough?”

  no, that’s just the right amountmaybe…it’s not enough?May 5, 2021

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  Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age was added to Game Pass back in December 2020, and we’ve just seen the excellent Dragon Quest Builders 2 added to the service, having arrived last week. This tease suggests that we’re probably looking at more of the series turning up on Game Pass, but could also point towards some remasters or ports of older Dragon Quest titles, or even a Dragon Quest XII announcement soon, although Square Enix is more likely to handle that kind of reveal.

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