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[bus game download]AppAnnie: Q2 mobile game revenue of 34 billion US dollars, revenue/download/MAU list


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  GameLook report/Mobile game data analysis company AppAnnie recently released a mid-2021 report that shows that as more and more markets end social isolation, the growth of global mobile game downloads will hardly exceed the same period of the 2020 epidemic. However, the average weekly mobile game The number of game downloads still exceeds 1 billion.

  What’s more noteworthy is that despite the decrease in downloads compared to last year, there is still a year-on-year growth compared to 2019. More importantly, mobile game revenue in 2021 has increased both year-on-year and month-on-month. The report shows that 2021Q2 mobile game revenue reached 34 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 7 billion U.S. dollars year-on-year; Q2 average weekly mobile game revenue was 1.7 billion U.S. dollars, higher than the same period last year, and an increase of 35% over 2019.

  During the second quarter of this year, the highest increase in revenue was the Japanese mobile game “Horse Horse Niang”. The game’s revenue ranking increased by 24 positions compared with the first quarter and successfully won the runner-up. In addition, four domestic mobile games entered the top 10 global revenue list (the Chinese market only includes iOS platform data), namely Tencent’s “PUBG MOBILE” and “King of Glory”, Mihayou’s “Original God” and Lilith Games’s “The Awakening of All Nations.”

  In the report, AppAnnie also ranked the mobile game downloads, revenue and MAU data of the world and many important markets on the basis of the full-year data of 2020.

  The following is the entire content organized by GameLook:

  Q2 mobile game revenue of $1.7 billion per week: “The Horse Racing Girl” has the highest revenue growth

  From the perspective of downloads, although the 2021Q2 growth was flat year-on-year, the average weekly downloads have exceeded 1 billion for five consecutive quarters, an increase of 15% over the same period in 2019.


  From the perspective of user consumption, 2021Q2 will continue to hit new highs. The revenue of US$34 billion is not only US$7 billion more than the same period last year, but also US$2 billion more than Q1. Although people have more entertainment choices after the epidemic, the mobile game consumption habits that players developed during the epidemic have not given up. Data shows that the average weekly mobile game revenue in Q2 was US$1.7 billion, a year-on-year increase of 15%. This is an increase of 35% over 2019.


  2021Q2 Global Mobile Games Download Top Ten: “Bridge Race”, “Hair Challenge”, “Ludo King”, “Free Fire”, “High Heels”, “Metro Parkour”, “Going Balls”, “Paper Fold” , “Count Masters” and “Roblox”.

  2021Q2 Global Mobile Games Revenue Ranking Top 10: “Roblox”, “Horse Girl”, “PUBG MOBILE》、《King of Glory“, “Gold Coin Master”, “Candy Legend”, “Original god“, “Clash of Clans”, “Pokemon Go” and “Awakening of Nations》。

  As the third-party Android data is not counted, games with strong performances in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea have achieved a higher position on the list. Metaverse’s first mobile game of the same name Roblox maintained the championship position, and the highest increase was the outstanding performance in the Japanese market. “Horse Racing Girl”, a game that combines horse racing culture and two-dimensional style, has won recognition from Japanese players for its excellent quality. The Q2 revenue ranking increased by 24 places, and it became the second place in the global revenue list.

  Another place with a higher ranking growth is “Clash of Clans”. Thanks to the launch of the 14th-level base camp and the new Dragon Knights, this 9-year-old game still ushered in a high growth rate, an increase of 12 compared to Q1. Ranking back to Top 10.

  It is worth noting that although only iOS data is calculated, there are still 4 domestic mobile games that have entered the top ten, and these games are from Tencent, Mihayou and Lilith Games, and the latter two have entered the list. In addition to the outstanding domestic performance, overseas income has also brought important contributions, which means that going overseas has truly become a corner for Chinese counterparts to overtake.


  The download list is still dominated by ultra-casual games. From the perspective of the breakthrough list (more increases), in addition to the aforementioned “Marriott” and “Clash of Clans”, “Ni no Kuni”, “Royal Clash” and “Royale” Match” has achieved significant growth in Japan and South Korea, and Thunder Games’ “Moore Manor”, although it was released late, still entered the top ten in terms of revenue.

  2020 Mobile Games List

  1. 2020 income list: No. 1 in the glory of the king, No. 6 in the peace elite, No. 7 in PUBGM


  The top ten in 2020 global mobile game revenue list: “King of Glory“, “Pokemon Go”, “Roblox”, “Monster Pinball”, “Coin Master”, “Peace elite》、《PUBG MOBILE“, “FGO”, “Candy Legend” and “Dream Garden”.

  Top 10 Global Mobile Game Publisher Revenue List in 2020:Tencent、Playrix、NetEase, Activision Blizzard, Zynga, Bandai Namco, Supercell, Netmarble, Playtika andLilith Games。


  Top 10 China Mobile Games Revenue Rankings for 2020: “Glory of the King”, “Peace Elite”, “Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition”, “Fantasy Westward Journey”, “Sword and Expedition”, “The Shore of the Earth”, “Onmyoji”, ” Tianya Mingyue Knife Hand Tour, “Dahua Westward Journey” and “Shenwu 4”.

  The top ten Chinese mobile game publishers by revenue in 2020: Tencent, NetEase, Lingxi Interactive Entertainment, Lilith Games, Perfect World Games, Mihayou, TOEIC, Friendship Time, Station B and 37 Games.


  Top 10 U.S. Mobile Games Revenue Ranking for 2020: “Roblox”, “Candy Legend”, “Coin Master”, “Dream Home”, “Dream Garden”, “Clash of Clans”, “PUBG MOBILE》, 《Slotomania》 Japanese 《CODM》。

  Top 10 U.S. Mobile Game Publishers of 2020: Activision Blizzard, Playtika, Playrix, Zynga, Aristocrat, Roblox, Netmarble, Supercell, Scopely andFunPlus。


  Top ten Japanese mobile game revenue rankings in 2020: “Monster Pinball”, “FGO”, “Wilderness Operation“, “Dragon Quest”, “Dragon Quest Walk”, “Pro Baseball Soul A”, “Pokemon Go”, “Dragon Ball Z Fighting”, “Disney Twisted Wonderland”, and “Girls’ Chronicles”.

  Top 10 Japanese mobile game publishers by revenue in 2020: Square Enix, Bandai Namco, Sony, mixi, Konami,NetEase、CyberAgent、GungHo、LINE和Niantic。


  The top ten in the 2020 South Korean mobile game revenue list: “Paradise 2M”, “Paradise M”, “Awakening of Nations《、 《V4》 、 《Crasher:Origin“, “The Kingdom of Wind: Swallows”, “Sword and Expedition“, “Sword Spirit Revolution”, “Lineage 2 Revolution” and “MU: Across Time”.

  Top 10 Korean mobile game publishers by revenue in 2020: NCSOFT, NEXON, Netmarble,Lilith Games, 4399, Kakao, Netzen, GameVil, Neowiz and Playrix.

  2. 2020 Mobile Game MAU User List (excluding Chinese data)


  The top ten in the 2020 global MAU rankings are: “PUBG MOBILE“, “Candy Legend”, “Ludo King”, “Among Us”, “Free Fire”, “Roblox”, “CODM“, “Metro Parkour”, “Minecraft Pocket Edition” and “Pokemon Go”.


  (Left to right) Top 10 MAU rankings in the United States, Japan and South Korea in 2020

  On the whole, popular categories and classic games are still users’ favorite products. On the global list, Tencent’s two mobile shooting games “PUBG MOBILE” and “CODM” won the championship and sixth place respectively.

  From different markets around the world, “Among Us” performed well in the U.S. and South Korea markets, “Pokemon Go” realized the U.S., Japan, and South Korea take it all, and Supercell’s “Wild Brawl” and “Royal Clash” games appeared in The top ten in South Korea’s MAU list shows the company’s success in mobile e-sports and marketing in South Korea.

  Among the domestic games, “CODM” has performed well in the US market, with a stable user base since its release; “Wild Action” has a solid position in the Japanese market, and it is also the only domestic mobile game that has appeared on the annual best-selling list of Japanese mobile games.

  3. Annual mobile game download list


  2020 Global Mobile Games Download List: “Free Fire”, “Among Us”, “Metro Parkour”, “PUBG MOBILE“, “Dream Garden”, “Hunter Assassin”, “Brain Hole Master“, “Talking Tom Cat Friends”, “Tiles Hop” and “Ludo King”.

  Download list of global mobile game publishers in 2020: Voodoo, AppLovin, Crazy Labs,Jinke Culture、SayGames、Playgendary、Azur Interactive Games、Miniclip、Baby bus和Playrix。


  The top ten download lists of Chinese mobile games in 2020: “Glory of the King”, “Peace Elite”, “Minecraft Pocket Edition”, “Love Matching”, “Happy Matching”, “Happy Fighting Landlords”, “Who is” “Undercover”, “Guangyu”, “Sunshine Pig Farm” and “Floating Life is a Song of Qing”.

  Top 10 downloads of Chinese mobile game publishers in 2020: Tencent, NetEase, Voodoo, Ohayoo, AppLovin, Jinke Culture, Crazy Labs, SayGames, Playgendary and 37 games.


  Top 10 of the 2020 American Mobile Games Free List: “Roblox”, “Among Us”, “CODM“, “Metro Parkour”, “Gold Coin Master”, “Brain Test”, “Magic Tiles 3”, “Dream Aquarium”, “Tiles Hop” and “Woodturning”.


  Top 10 Japanese Mobile Games Downloads in 2020: “Toon Blast”, “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp”, “Dream Home”, “Dream Garden”, “Dragon Quest Tact”, “Dream Aquarium”, “Brain” Test”, “Push’em All”, “Mario Kart” and “Original god》。


  Top 10 downloads of Korean mobile games in 2020: “Among Us”, “Running Kart”, “FIFA Mobile”, “Stone Age: World”, “Brain Hole Master》、《Original god》、《PUBG MOBILE“, “Dream Garden”, “Roblox” and “Slam Dunk Mobile”.

  Top 10 downloads of Korean mobile game publishers in 2020: Voodoo, Nexon, Netmarble, AppLovin,Baby bus、SayGames、Playrix、Azur Interactive Games、InnerSloth和Tencent。

  Behind the high growth of mobile game revenue, 97% of game companies have annual revenues of less than $1 million


  The report shows that in 2020, mobile users will spend 143 billion U.S. dollars, invest 3.5 trillion hours of time, exceed online TV viewing time, and download 218 billion times, a leap that can only be achieved in two to three years.


  The number of publishers with annual revenue of more than US$2 million in the two major stores has increased by 25%. However, most of the publishers’ revenues are still low. The report shows that 97% of their annual revenue is still less than US$1 million. Of course, with the introduction of the new iOS sharing policy (small business projects), the 15% rake ratio may benefit most small and medium developers.


  From 2016 to 2020, the amount of investment flowing to mobile technology companies has almost doubled over the previous five years. In 2020, the amount of investment reached US$73 billion, a year-on-year increase of 27%.

  For colleagues, the research and usage rate, category trend and category scale of top games are important aspects for us to understand our competitors and changes in the industry.


  In the mobile game market, core players contribute 66% of revenue and 55% of time investment to mobile games.


  In 2020, casual games accounted for 78% of mobile game downloads, but in terms of game revenue, core games accounted for 66%, and time investment, core games accounted for 55%, and casual games accounted for 43%. In addition, “Among Us”, “Roblox” and “Talking Tom Cat Friends” also have good downloads and user game time increases.

  The Asia-Pacific region has driven the revenue and time investment of core games, while consoles and PC-based mobile games have brought relatively large contributions to core games in Europe and the United States.

  AppAnnie said that in 2021, the revenue of the mobile game market is expected to exceed US$120 billion, which is 50% more than the combined scale of other games.

  From the perspective of game categories, people’s time spent in leisure, simulation, and sandbox games has increased the most, and the share has also increased by about 2% year-on-year. Among them, leisure, arcade and other arcade games time increased by 300% year-on-year to 4.5 billion hours.

  Top five downloads year-on-year growth list

  美国:《Among Us》、《Brain Test》、《Woodturning》、《Tangle Master 3D》和《Join Clash 3D》。

  China: “Love Matching”, “Floating Life as a Qing Song”, “Snake-eating Theory of Evolution”, “Who is Undercover” and “Hundred Scenes of the South of the Yangtze River”.

  Japan: “Dragon Quest Tact”, “Animal Crossing Pocket Camp”, “Brain Test”, “Yuan Shen” and “Project Sekai Colorful Stage feat Hatsune”.

  South Korea: “Among Us”, “Running Kart”, “FIFA Mobile”, “Stone Age World” and “Yuan Shen”

  Top 5 in revenue year-on-year growth

  United States: “Roblox”, “Coin Master”, “CODM”, “State of Survival” and “Dream Garden”

  China: “Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition”, “Peace Elite”, “Sword and Expedition”, “Tianya Mingyue Sword Mobile Game” and “The Original God”.

  Japan: “Disney Twisted Wonderland”, “Dragon Quest Walk”, “Professional Baseball Wild Soul A”, “Dragon Quest Tact” and “Ensemble Stars Music”

  South Korea: “Heaven 2M”, “Nation of Wind: Swallow”, “V4”, “Crasher: Origin” and “Sword and Expedition”

  Top 5 game time growth

  United States: “Roblox”, “Among Us”, “Pokemon Go”, “CODM” and “PUBG MOBILE”

  China: “King of Glory”, “Peace Elite”, “Guess Idiom”, “Minecraft Pocket Edition” and “Mini World”.

  Japan: “Dragon Quest Walk”, “Disney”, “Toon Blast”, “Animal Crossing Pocket Camp” and “Dragon Quest Tact”

  South Korea: “Roblox”, “Running Kart”, “Among Us”, “The Kingdom of Wind” and “Heaven 2M”.

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