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fortnite windows 7


Fortnite is a very successful game. Once the game was launched, it was supported by countless game fans. But no matter how good the game is, it will inevitably encounter some problems that game fans cannot solve. The blogger collected and sorted out some problems and solutions.  I hope to be helpful to game fans.


A : Why does the initialization always fail at the beginning of playing Fortnite on windows 7 ?

1 : First open the “epic games launcher” on the computer desktop

2 : Open the game launcher “Epic games launcher”, enter the interface, click the settings button at the top right of the interface

3 : In the pop-up menu on the left side of the interface, select the “language” language bar

4 : The language selection drop-down menu pops up, select “default” to set it to Chinese

5 : As shown in the figure, the launcher has been set to display in Chinese. To set the automatic update, click the setting button

6 : Pop up the drop-down menu, click the settings button

7 : On the right side of the interface, the setting option pops up. In the management game, find the automatic update and set the channel setting.

fortnite on windows 7

B : Can you play Fortnite on Windows 7 ? What should I do if Fortnite does not work properly?

1 : Fortnite’s failure to run normally is probably caused by the incompatible version of the game. Try another version of the game to see if it can run normally.

2 : Fortnite games have certain requirements for computer configuration. If the minimum configuration is not met, the game will not run properly. This can be viewed in the game.

3 : Open the Fortnite game and click the [Settings] icon button on the game homepage.

4 : In the drop-down list in the setting interface, find the [Troubleshooting] option and click.

5 : At this time, the game system will carry out the troubleshooting of the game fault, you can see the page displays  [Troubleshooting], here you can pull down to see the minimum computer configuration required.

6 : If it is detected that the configuration of the computer does not meet the minimum configuration requirements   of the game, a warning of [Not Reaching the Recommended Level] will appear, which indicates that the configuration of the computer is not enough.

fortnite on windows 7


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