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Play Online Cricket Games : Cricket is one of the most cherished games in India. Through the digital revolution, cricket fans can now play the game in the comfort of their houses. There are hundreds of online cricket games, but we have chosen some of the best for you.

These cricket games are the best online games on the android platform and are interactional.

World Cricket Championship 2 is one of the most popular games on the digital platform. The game has dual modes ! Single-player, and multiplayer.

It allows you to be creative with your players. You can play around with a plethora of hairstyles and facial designs. The gameplay is highly interactive and enjoyable.

Smash Cricket has the best graphics you can have on an online cricket game. Though it is not the smoothest of games to play, that¨s what makes this game challenging. Its solid graphics makes it a bit funny but also realistic.

The aforementioned games can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free. There are even a hundred more amazing cricket games for you to choose from.

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The virtual cricket universe has expanded and has found itself on the computer. Yes, now you can play cricket not only on your mobile but also on a computer. These games are even more appealing and awesome from the mobile games because of their high-quality graphics.

One of the best cricket games for PC is Cricket 19. Herein, the real-world AI bots enhance the gaming experience. The game lets you recreate legendary cricket matches and play them.

The player database of this game is gigantic. Nearly all cricket legends can be found in this game. In this game, you can also take a more management-centric approach towards gaming. You can also play as an individual player if team play is not what you are keen on.

As for how to download these unique games you can download them from EA Sports and Steam.