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[Hampton Farms Peanuts]Google Philips and Hampton and other places,Global AIOT Future Ecological Pattern


  After the “Human War” in 2016,Aiot has officially entered the public vision from the laboratory.After experiencing the initial fanatics and low valley,The AIOT industry has entered the intersection of the next stage: the global stock of smart equipment has begun to scale.Quantity growth is still strong,Debristed smart equipment has reached the market,How to land and commercialization becomes a topic of each Aiot company,It is urgent to register opportunities.

  But the influence of the epidemic in the first half of the year is canceled or delayed.There are not many opportunities for the global AIOT enterprise to share the charter.

  Beijing time on May 27th, 23rd,2020 global intelligent commercial summit forum “Global Ecological Forum” official line opens,Transmit-time area such as Google, Philips and Hampton, etc.Opened the first AIOT global company dialogue in the first half of the year.Circular AIOT Global Ecological Trends.


  Google Assistant Smart Home Maria Pacific Clare WU:

  ”Connect” is the same as the ecology interoperability

  The forum is based on Google’s sharing.As a leader of the Aiot industry Google,Referral to sharing,Under the epidemic, intelligent equipment is a medium of global consumers and family members, social connection, health and work entertainment.


  Clare said: “Search and connect the equipment to the consumer experience,It is important to Google.”to this end,Google and Authorized Solutions Partner Doodle Intelligence Working,Perform ecology complementary,Broadensing platform capabilities,Dimension and other dimensions and other dimensions provide consumers with a complete “connection” scene,Create the value of the terminal,Enhance the product value of the AIOT device.

  Chairman and CEO Tobin Richardson of ZigBee Alliance:

  Open material network,Operation and opening is a trend

  Tobin Richardson has shared “evolutionary evolution”.He said,The ZigBee Alliance is committed to the unified Internet of Things,Let all things interconnect,This requires cooperation in cooperation.

  Tobin Richardson analyzes the importance of devices from each other from the ZigBee alliance.For consumers,Need is a complete intelligent scenario and fast operation,And multiple brands are closed to each other,Leading the operating language reduction,Let smart interconnection become hardware stacking,Long-term continuation of the underlying equipment growth,It will cause a huge amount of intelligent waste.


  thus,Tobin Richardson said, “Enterprises with leadership is important,Such as globalized open platforms such as graffiti intelligenceImplement the use of universal languages,Let the global AIOT ecology can work more smoothly and access,Brings consumers to have a truly good intelligent experience.”

  Jim Katsandres, Global Developer Relations, Bluetooth Technology Alliance Jim Katsandres:

  Standardization makes all things more simple

  The Bluetooth Technology Alliance is an organization that promotes Bluetooth technology development and standardization.Composed of more than 3,500 members,Member companies will ship 6.2 billion Bluetooth devices each year.ABI Research predicts,In 2024, all shipped speakers 97% will be Bluetooth.In the Internet of Things equipment,38% has built-in Bluetooth.To 2024,There will be a year of 500 billion Bluetooth data transmission equipment,It does not include platform devices such as PCs and smartphones.


  Jim Katsandres said: “The Bluetooth Mesh Network allows different companies to produce equipment and software to cooperate with each other.Through the consolidation of the standardization of the device functionality.”And this is benefited from member companies from different fields and scenes,Including chip suppliers,Original equipment manufacturer,Test and tool supplier,Participation in system integrators and solution suppliers, etc.Tong to promote the landing of interoperability,For example, the global AIOT platform graffiti smart has many partners,Intelligent interconnection needs anti-complement technology,This provides many innovative products and solutions based on Bluetooth technology.

  Sjoerd DROST: Sjoerd Drogy, a healthy living business group of Philips University, China:

  Intelligent service closed loop and ecological openness under the consumer market

  Today’s 129-year-old Philips is a very innovative and spiritual company.Sjoerd Drost said, “Philips starts with incandescent lamps.Subsequently developed different types of electronic products,To the role of the current health program provider,Philips is always innovation.”Continue to learn and adapt to market-changing needs,Insight, consumers are really painful,In order to improve the quality of consumer life,It is Philips’ adherence.


  Based on,Philips and graffiti intelligence cooperation,Explore the possibilities of AIOT to enhance consumer experiences,Such as consumers buy an air purifier,Data, mode, and operation, etc.It will feed back to the intelligent system,Provide the best solution for consumers after analysis,Selling the traditional market demand and the supply chain cutting.

  ”Philips hopes to use Aiot’s strength,Provide overall health such as consumption, closed loop,at the same time,Cooperate through open platforms such as graffiti intelligence,Ending the product that meets the market,Explore a broader intelligence.”Sjoerd DROST is represented.

  Hampton CEO Kim Kelley:

  Express development and integrated operation AIOT company “killer”

  Hampton is a 30-year security hardware manufacturing company.More than 1.5 billion devices have been sold in the North American market.

  Rich consumer data,Let Hampton understand market and consumer demand more.Kim Kelley said, “American consumers want an application to control all smart devices,And the operation is convenient.”It is not easy to transform any manufacturing industry.Especially outside the equipment intelligence,It is also necessary to build an integrated platform to meet the market expectation.


  to this end,Hampton selection and graffiti intelligence and other open platforms,Borrow graffiti intelligence technology and ecology,Easy to achieve equipment intelligent transformation and integrated operation,Shorten the time from the product from developing to the listing,Furthermore, helping to reduce market investment costs.Kim Kelley said,Graffiti intelligence solves the productivity of smart products,Let the manufacturer have more than a need to go through the consumer demand and market trend,Such ecological sharing is a benign partnership,Will create greater business opportunities.

  OTTO CEO J?RG Heinemann:

  Platform sharing creates more business opportunities

  As one of German e-commerce three giants,OTTO is the fashion and lifestyle platform of Germany’s largest B2C.Deep cultivating experience based on the consumer field,J?RG Heinemann told the Internet of Things that will bring smart shopping to the market space of imagination.”Consumers are in the shortage of items,Tell the solution in advance,We are committed to doing such intelligence connections.”


  For the Internet access to the e-commerce platform,J?RG Heinemann refers to cooperation with intelligence with graffiti.Otto sharing with graffiti intelligence two parties,Otto through graffiti intelligent smart components,Complete platform intelligent upgrade,At the same time, graffiti intelligent intelligent intelligent products can also be sold on OTTO platform and to otto goods intelligent communication, etc.Decompose completely from technology, sales to channel ecological sharing,Open sharing through the platform,Create business opportunities that occupy more future market share.

  Will Smits, Managing Director of Calex:

  Intelligent product index level growth,Cost-effective era

  Calex is one of the most famous lighting brands in Western Europe.The 2019 intelligent product index increased to 4 million pieces.

  Will SMITS said,Intelligent is Calex’s new direction,Covered product intelligence and manufacturing intelligence,The intelligent upgrade of the industrial chain has brought a drop in life.Many smart equipment admission,Let the market add selectivity,The cost reduction means that the market can give the market more attractive price.The cost performance will become the next challenging intelligent battlefield the most important weapon.


  Pernio IoT Executive Director Sergei Kostevitch:

  Break information islands,Co-construction ecosystem overlay widespread terminal

  When smart products are increasingly occupying the consumer life scene,More and more modes of operation will become the smart obstacle.Sergei kostech is represented.


  Intelligent product information island has caused consumers’ operation,therefore,All smart brands are seeking to build an ecological platform.Undertake consumer integration needs.But the time and money of R & D investment,The investment with product market demand has produced great differences.Sergei Kostech believes that the open platform graffiti intelligent cooperation is a good solution.”We are responsible for making beautiful and practical products,Graffiti intelligence is responsible for intelligent empowerment,The two sides are superior to interoperability.Aflow faster smart market coverage.”

  Vestel product head Tugrul Kara:

  Ecological integration and convenient operation is the future of smart home appliances

  Vestel Group is a cross-industrial manufacturer,The range of business includes electronic products, household appliances, LED lighting, and security.

  Tugrul Kara means that “the main drive factor in the global smart home appliance market is a change in lifestyle,Consumers will choose more convenient, energy-saving and environmental intelligent products.Smart home concept is in the fast penetration market.”

  AppLIA data shows thatIn 2024, 31 million European people will use smart home appliances.GFK’s research shows that44% of the 2019 markets (Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom and the United States) will pay more costs for smart home appliances.


  ”The current market is full of challenges and opportunities,’Quick’ seems to be more important.As a product-oriented company,It will meet the market demand to enter the global market,Can master the market faster.”Tugrul Kara said.

  Based on,Vestel selection and graffiti intelligence and other open platforms,Integrate product into intelligent ecosystems.With the graffiti IoT development platform,Realize the rapid intelligent upgrade,Simultaneously,Integrated operation is achieved by open platform.this means,When the product arrives at the consumer terminal,Consumer’s vision will be occupied faster,High cost-effective driver consumer decision,Subsequent APP controls all convenient operations such as smart devices bring the value of the scene,All life cycles are all contributed to being selected by consumer.

  Tugrul Kara said: “Vestel identity ecology is a win-win situation,We are also seeking partners to expand product portfolio.Graffiti intelligence is one of the most important partners.”

  Tecnolite Innovation Business Development Edgar José Gómez Pérez:

  Compatible and cooperative,Break the global physical edge barrier

  Tecnolite maintains the status of the leadership of the industry in Mexico.Edgar José Gómez Pérez said, “Cooperation with graffiti intelligence,Opened our intelligent service,It also created the results of the highest sales in recent years from the graffiti intelligent enforcement.”


  In Mexico,Tecnolite has more than 2,000 sales points.Powerful channels plus graffiti intelligent energy,Let Tecnolite have developed the lighting market.Simultaneously,Both parties further cooperate,Graffiti intelligence provides Saas-level solutions for Tecnolite,Help complete the product intelligence upgrade,Develop business development,Such as cooperation with the hotel,Perform intelligent energy consumption management, etc.

  ”Open platform provided by graffiti intelligence,Help us open channels and intelligence transformations,Let Tecnolite have the opportunity to achieve Mexico,Expanding business scope,Become a model of the Latin America Lighting Industry.Edgar José Gómez Pérez.

  Bardi Chief Strategic Cooperator Yudi Tukiaty:

  Fast and cost performance change Indonesian intelligent market pattern

  Bardi Smart Home is a new intelligent home company in Indonesia,In October 2019,In just 7 months, it becomes a change in market rules.The market is expanded from 0 to $ 2 million.

  Yudi Tukiaty said “Bardi smart home sales is closely related to global AIOT platform doodle intelligence.”Employment by Powered by Tuya,No BARDI is required to invest in R & D and product teams,Can quickly achieve intelligence,Remove the product growth cycle,And standardized operation,It greatly reduces the cost of investment.therefore,BARDI can sell a good quality product to the market.And the technical and service support provided by graffiti intelligence,It also guarantees fast feedback on product problems.From the price decision to consumers drive to the product quality, etc.All-round help Bardi capture the market.


  Dialog Axiata Chief Operating Officer Rainer Deutschmann:

  Aiot open platform multi-shared,Work together to win

  Dialog is derived from Malaysia’s largest telecom group Axiata,The service area is spread over Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal and Sri Lanka.Overhead of the Sri Lanka mobile over 46% market share,The PTV market exceeds 72%.

  Rainer Deutschmann said: “For many years,We are all informing the entire business chain.Identify the importance of doing open platforms,If you open the interface to the developer,They will also become a member of the ecosystem.There is thus constantly rich.”It is also the original intention,It has contributed to the cooperation between Dialog and Graffiti Intelligence.Docking with graffiti intelligence,The two sides work together to provide technical, management, and ecological intelligent support for B-terminal and C-terminal consumers.


  EcoPush Joint Founder Tom Berman:

  Intelligent admission,Removal energy market rules

  ECOPUSH reflects the actual situation of the power grid through energy price observation, Services with more smarterly determined services for equipment use this information.

  Tom Berman means “the addition of renewable energy,Added the difficulty of market observation,So you need more refined granularity,The Internet of Things role in it “.ECOPUSH and the graffiti intelligenceDutch the cloud cloud,Provide energy measurement and various performance indicators for consumer equipment,To help consumers make more accurate storage or purchase decisions.


  Alfacomex Products General Manager Sérgio Miranda

  Intelligent product localization strategy is a winning step

  Alfacomex is a leading electronic product brand in Brazil,Have 35 years of electronic product innovation experience,The main business is a smart phone, tablet and computer equipment, etc.Current business expansion to the smart home industry.

  Operating the Brazilian market for many years,Alfacomex inspects two major pain points in the smart market: price and language.And these two major pain points,After cooperating with the graffiti intelligence,has been solved.Standardized intelligent transformation provided by graffiti intelligence,Reduce smart product costs,And the graffiti intelligence has always been localized,Help Alfacomex intelligent product universal languages have portuguese and other identification services.

  Sérgio Miranda said: “Smart home experience has social differences,It is important because of the local conditions.This is why we are open and providing personalized service platforms such as graffiti intelligence, Google and Amazon.”


  The global AIOT industry enters the market in the market has been fixed,All practitioners face business opportunities in challenges and opportunities.Global Aiot Community Gathering,Point to the ecological co-construction concept.Future pattern is not difficult to imagine,Open Ecological Platform provides innovative opportunities for more developers,Creating a huge and energetic Internet of Things ecology chain,Multiple and operational integration,Tries provide intelligent support to improve the quality of life of consumers.Global AIOT ecological open structure,Future is available.