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[Cocoa Dusted Almonds]Cocoa Cupcake Cocoa Cup Cake



  step 1

  Prepare ingredients

  Step 2

  Egg white egg yolk isolated.20 g of fine sugar is added to egg yolk.

  Step 3

  Uniformly mix with the egg.

  Step 4

  Add corn oil and milk,Continue to stir well.

  Step 5

  Low-gluten flour,cocoa powder,Maize starch sieve into the egg yolk.

  Step 6

  Mix evenly,Not excessive stirring,So from boosting.

  Step 7

  The egg white is added three times to add the remaining fine sugar,Develop to hard foaming.Lift the eggbeater,Have an upright small hook.

  Step 8

  Take 1/3 of the protein into the egg yolk paste,Mix evenly.

  Step 9

  Then in reverse the protein,Continue to mix evenly.

  Step 10

  The cake is filled into the silk bag,Squeeze into the paper cup.

  Step 11

  8 points are full.

  Step 12

  The oven was 150 to bake for 30 minutes.

  Step 13

  Finished product illustration.

  Step 14

  Finished product illustration.

  Step 15

  Finished product illustration.