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[Madden NFL Mobile 21 Release Date]Electronic Art Company will extend the license contract with La Liga on Wednesday to 2030


  - Electronic Art Company will extend the licensing contract with La Liga on Wednesday to 2030,This allows video game manufacturers to retain their flagship football franchise rights “FIFA” to the exclusive use of Spain’s top football league.


  EA tells Reuters,This 10-year agreement is the longest renewal of the company’s relationship between the company and La University.But did not disclose the financial terms of the transaction.


  EA’s sports department (which includes “Madden NFL” and “NBA Live”) have flourished through license transactions with sports alliances.Sports Alliance allows you to use this brand in the company’s game,Its players and gymnasiums.

  Since the restoration of the game on June 11,La Liga has been using the watch virtual image in TV broadcasts here.And add “fan audio” manufactured by EA,To make the game in the empty sports venue more attractive to the audience.

  The company said thatThe daily active player of “FIFA 20” has reached the highest level of history.Sports fans and players who were forced to stay at home were forced to stay at home with restrictions associated with coronavirus.


  EA said,Compared with the same period a year,The video game streaming media platform Twitch “FIFA” viewing number has surged 260% in May.

  ”FIFA” allows users to choose between different clubs in different leagues and clubs.The La Ora League in Spain includes Barcelona Club,Real Madrid and Madrid Athletics and other popular clubs.

  Except for the La La League,EA also has an exclusive right of the England Super League and German Grade A League.