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  Although the number of players is far from steam,But EPIC has attracted many players with white gaming policies.This is proven to be a million users.The game Daily is found that G fat seems to be stimulated by EPIC’s routine.He opened a new event on Steam.Directly let players seven games.

  7 games are limited to celebrate the New Year of VR for “Half Duration: Elix” (official translation,It can also be called half-life) will be available in March,Organize from now to the game,STEAM gave all “half-life” games and “classic version of the Legion” during this time.Although only 2 months,But it is also enough to experience this classic game series that has been 22 years of history.”The Classic Edition of the Legion” is also worth playing.In the first generation, “half-stop” is sold in 1998, but the number of “half-life” games still surprised many players.After all, everyone is always saying “half-life” can’t be 3,Who can think of “half-life” series has 6 games.Some players therefore spit in fact G fat early, the number is 3,You can see “half-life 2” has a whole three works.As for “half-life 2: Chapter 3” and “Half-story 3” why not launched,This is not what they should consider (funny).As a series of 22 years of history,”Semi-life” is a new work,Will be sensational in the game industry,The sales of “half-life 2” also exceeded 10 million.Seeing VCDerate promoting VR equipment,It took such a big effort in the “half-life: Elix”,The VR gaming world may usher in March.“Semi-life” outlet is equal to the “half-life” series limited time,Many players therefore spit “Survival Road 3” or “Portal 3” when can I (funny)?