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Fortnite Beginner Teaching Guide Fortnite Beginner Tips


Fortnite Beginner Teaching Guide Fortnite Beginner Tips

As a novel shooting game, Fortnite has become popular all over the world at the fastest speed. However, many novice players may have difficulty getting started when they are new to this game. Today, I will bring you 20 novice skills of Fortnite. Mastering them will give you more flexibility to win!

1 : The weapon quality of Fortnite is white, green, blue, purple, and orange in order. The hoe that comes with the system when it hits the ground has a damage of 10, which can destroy almost anything on the map.

2 : The main function of the hoe is to collect construction resources. When the hoe hits a wall or tree, a blue dot will appear. Tap the blue dot to obtain additional resources and speed up the collection.

3 : M4 green and white four shots can kill an enemy, while the blue one only needs three shots.

4 : Compared with other shooting games, the biggest feature of Fortnite is that you can build buildings. When encountering a battle, you can first build a cover or a defensive terrain offensive that is beneficial to yourself, such as a commanding height, so that you can better fight the enemy.

5 : The default buttons built in the game are F1~F4, which are far away from the fingers. You can set the Z, X, C, V and other buttons closer to the fingers according to your own habit.

6 : ​​During the night of the fort, cars cannot be driven. They can only be demolished with a hoe as a construction resource.

7 : face-to-face jump shot, the character can jump higher in the night of the fortress

8 : There is no such skills as parachuting on the night of the fortress. Press the space early and land early, and then find the weapon as soon as possible.

9 : The sniper rifle of Fort Night, whether it is tied or continuous, has a relatively erratic trajectory, and it is more difficult to hit a moving target. The rifle with a quadruple mirror does not fall when shooting, so there is no need to raise the muzzle.

10 : Press the B button at any time to have an awkward dance, and it will bring its own BGM, so everyone next to it can hear it!

11 : During construction, the materials of the single-machine right-click switch are sequentially switched from wood to stone and steel.

12 : When you right-click to aim, the accuracy will be improved, but the walking will slow down, and you can’t walk in snakeskin to avoid bullets!

13 : The method of obtaining resources for Fort Night is to remove wood to obtain wood, remove walls to obtain stone, and remove metal products and automobiles to obtain steel. Of course, resources can also be obtained by killing enemies.

14 : There are no bulletproof vests and bulletproof helmets in the night of the fort, but the potion in the blue bottle is equivalent to a 50-point bulletproof vest.

15 : The bandage in the night of the fortress can only restore 75% of the blood volume, and the medical kit can be full.

16 : When building, you don’t need to wait for the completion of the construction to take effect. For example, when you build a staircase, it is already formed when you click the left mouse button. You can walk up with confidence, and the transparent state can also block bullets.

17 : The tires are bounce equipment. When you step on it, you can jump to the second floor and hit the enemy’s back.

18 : Directly attack the bottom of the enemy building, which can cause the entire building to collapse.

19 : The backpack of Fort Night can hold many, many ammunition, you can pick it up at will, pick it up when you see it. The other three building materials can carry up to 999 of each.

20 : When supporting your teammates, build a shelter around you before saving others, otherwise you will get GG if you shoot a sniper bullet from somewhere. I hope that the above tips can help you fortresses win the final victory!


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