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[fallout 4 perk chart]Fallout 4: 10 Things To Do Before Starting The Main Storyline




  Fallout 4: 10 Things You Can Do Before Starting The Main Storyline

  By Curtis Gordon Reisinger II

  Published Jun 01, 2021


  Fallout 4’s narrative is one of the game’s highlights, but players don’t have to rush into it. There are plenty of great things you can do beforehand.

  Fallout 4 pip boy dog meat power armor

  Fallout 4?has?no ceiling to the number of ways that you can approach the game and have fun with it. With a vast open world,?you can pretty much play the game however you would like. There’s even some ways to get ahead of the game before you start the main storyline.

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  After the brief playable introduction to the game, the main character emerges from Vault 111. A command will immediately pop up on the screen and tell the player to return to the main character’s home. You could start your game from that point on, but why would you when you have an entire fully open-world available? There is no such thing as being over-prepared,?here is what you can do before starting the main story


  Fallout 4 Perk Chart Sniper

  After you exit the vault, you have at least a couple of weapon types to choose from. Whether you want to build a melee warrior or a sharpshooter, you’ll want to start by taking a look at the perk chart. This can be accessed from your Pip-Boy. From here you see all of the different abilities you can get as you progress through the game and can begin planning your character’s build.

  Fallout 4 Map Sanctuary

  There are a handful of points of interest surrounding Vault 111. Explore them! You will encounter enemies but you can beat them and loot their equipment. This will give you a pretty good start on your weaponry and armor. If you look hard enough you will come across your first companion.


  Fallout 4 Red Rocket Mole Rat Den

  There are a few places around Sanctuary that you will be enter, hidden in the shadows of the commonwealth. You will want to enter these with caution as there may be?treasures to find, there are also enemies to fight. These places often have a lot of junk, ammo, and weapons to loot. These are a great way to begin leveling up your character as well.

  Fallout 4 Trader Merchant

  Merchants come few and far between at the beginning of the game, but they’re there, you just have to find them. You can find a trader on the western border of the map across from Sanctuary.

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  There is also a diner south of the Red Rocket gas station, where you will have to help out the owner. Once you do, you will be able to trade with her. Having a merchant this early will be important for you to offload unwanted weapons and junk in exchange for Caps.


  Fallout 4 Power Armor Satelite

  The iconic Power Armor of Fallout is pretty easy to come by when starting the storyline but you can find it much sooner. If you travel northwest of Sanctuary, you will come across a robot scrap yard and nearby is a suit of Power Armor!

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  A fusion core is needed to run the Power Armor but, if you did some exploring throughout the area, you should have easily picked one up. The Power Armor eliminates fall damage and increases damage and Rads resistance.

  Fallout 4 Sanctuary Custom

  Once you exit the vault, the player is tasked with going back to his home. The once perfect suburban neighborhood is now reduced to post-apocalyptic rubble. A red workbench can be found within Sanctuary.?Use this to start?cleaning up?the neighborhood. You’ll want to get all of your settlement stat numbers to at least ten. This includes your food, water, beds, and defense.


  Fallout 4 Recruitment Radio Beacon

  Once you have spruced up Sanctuary a bit and added some amenities, you can build a Recruitment Radio Beacon that will attract settlers to stay?at Sanctuary. The Recruitment Radio Beacon is located under the Power category in the Misc section of the builder mode. Once you have a few settlers you can begin assigning them to jobs such as farming, defense, and scavenging to help run the settlement.

  Fallout 4 Weapons

  By now you should have a pretty good stock of weapons with different ammo types. Use the crafting tables to make them powerful and efficient. You will be able to increase damage, reduce recoil, add sights and scopes, and increase ammo capacity for your weapons.

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  Keep the ammo types diverse so that you will always have a backup if you run out of a certain ammo type. Ensuring you have an effective arsenal will make your battles in The Wasteland much easier.


  Fallout 4 Legendary Super Mutant

  Once you have reached level 10 in the game, the build for the character should be well on its way. Now it’s time to get some legendary equipment. Increasing the difficulty will increase the chances of a legendary enemy appearing. When you defeat legendary enemies they will drop legendary armor or weapons. These rare weapons and armor will have a special attribute to them. Equip them or sell them for a pretty bottlecap.

  Fallout 4 Nick Valentine

  Preston Garvey is among the most annoying NPC’s?in all of gaming as he will constantly be pestering you about side quests for your to complete. You can actually skip Preston Garvey and the Minutemen story beat altogether. Instead of stopping in Concord at the Freedom Museum where a group of survivors are pinned up,?ignore their pleas for help and just keep running. You can start the main story by?finding Nick Valentine. Travel Southeast from Sanctuary to Diamond City and?you will eventually begin the quest, Unlikely Valentine. Finding Nick will begin the story progression for the main storyline and you won’t have to worry about Preston Garvey breathing down your neck the entire game.

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