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[far cry 6]Far Cry May Go In ‘Radically Different Direction’ After Far Cry 6


  Early rumors suggest that the Far Cry games could make a radical departure in their next flagship, although that title is likely years away.

  By Roger Fingas

  Published 15 hours ago


  Zombies in Far Cry 5

  Ubisoft is aiming to take the next?Far Cry game in a “radically different direction” from the series so far, according to?recent rumors. The company is still working to finish?Far Cry 6, which was slowed by?pandemic-related delays and should finally?premiere on October 7th – assuming no further issues crop up.

  The Far Cry?games have long been a tentpole for Ubisoft. The original?title dates back to 2004, and on top of its mainline?entries, the series has?produced a host of spinoffs such as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and?Far Cry VR: Dive Into Insanity. Over time, Ubisoft?has been increasingly?criticized for formulaic gameplay – and while Far Cry 5 sold well, its story was alternately attacked for casting a Christian?cult as villains?or being bland and inoffensive, failing to say much about the political or religious issues it raised.

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  Zombies in Far Cry 5

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  Word of Far Cry 7’s direction was shared by Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier in an episode of the Triple Click podcast, highlighted by “From what I have heard, if I remember correctly, they’re aiming to go in a radically different direction for Far Cry after [Far Cry 6],” Schreier said. It’s not clear what that might mean, but the company is presumably hoping to shake up gameplay first and foremost. Storywise the series has varied dramatically, even stepping into retro cyberpunk and both prehistoric and post-apocalyptic versions of Earth. Depending on how Far Cry 6 performs,?Ubisoft could be ready to lean into a more political angle –?6’s plot?is very explicitly modelled after Cuba and Fidel Castro.


  Driving in Far Cry 3

  The central gameplay?issue people?tend to have?with Far Cry is that, like Ubisoft’s other major tentpole?Assassin’s Creed, players are?typically?asked to explore a large?map?with a series of story missions and an even bigger set of optional activities. Areas, abilities, and/or equipment gradually open up – but completing everything can be time-consuming, and often less exciting than?pursuing the story. Ubisoft is unlikely to ditch the open-world appeal of the series but could choose to reduce side missions or make them more engaging.

  The exact direction Ubisoft is headed remains to be seen and probably isn’t settled?so early into development. Even after Far Cry 6 is released?the game is slated to get DLC, including campaigns for series villains and an updated version of Blood Dragon,?perhaps the most popular spinoff. That could mean a Far Cry 7 announcement is years away, its release even further over the horizon.


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