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An individual opened fire this Sunday against passers-by from the window of a residential building in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, informs the Russian Interior Ministry.

According to the first information, two people have been injured: an agent of the National Guard and a girl, who was shot in the stomach.

The regional Ministry of Health has confirmed that two people have been injured in the shooting, specifying that the girl is in critical condition. For his part, the injured man was hospitalized and is in a moderately serious condition.

The National Guard specified that their agent had a tangential injury to his leg after being hit by a gunshot when he got out of his official car upon arrival at the scene.

The attacker is, supposedly, a former employee of the Ministry of the Interior. However, the Interior Ministry clarifies that the identity of the aggressor and the type of weapon used ^are being determined by the police officers ̄, while ^measures are being taken ̄ for his arrest.

Police quickly deployed to the scene, which was cordoned off. Later, it was reported that the special rapid response unit of the Russian Guard started an operation to raid the apartment of the shooter.