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[who is the strongest pokemon]Pokemon GO – The Best/Strongest Pokemon in the Game Right Now (June 2021)


  There are many different milestones that Pokemon GO players try to achieve.

  There’s completing the Pokedex, catching as many shiny Pokemon as possible or simply having the best Pokemon in the game.

  However, there are a variety of factors that can determine the “best” Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

  We’ve taken a look at a few of them and broken them down into a simple list for you.

  Here are our picks for the potential best Pokemon in Pokemon GO for June 2021.

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  One way to judge the best Pokemon is by looking at its max CP, a combination of all specific stats of a Pokemon.

  Within the game, these are the five Pokemon who can achieve the highest max CP.

  5. Zekrom/Reshiram/Dialga?– Max CP 4038 (4565 with XL Candies)

  4. Kyogre/Groudon?– Max CP 4115 (4652 with XL Candies)

  3. Mewtwo?– Max CP 4178 (4724 with XL Candies)

  2. Regigigas?– Max CP 4346 (4913 with XL Candies)

  1. Slaking?– Max CP 4431 (5010 with XL Candies)

  One thing to bear in mind, however, is that a Pokemon’s CP isn’t everything. Pokemon like Slaking and Regigigas haven’t been blessed with good movesets, therefore, can’t be classed as great Pokemon.

  The third, fourth and fifth places Pokemon are definitely more worthy of the “best” crown here.

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  — Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) June 4, 2021

  Another way to look at the strongest Pokemon is purely based off their attack stats.

  Here are the top five in that category.

  5. Slaking?– 290 Attack

  4. Archeops?– 292 Attack

  3. Rampardos?– 295 Attack

  2. Mewtwo?– 300 Attack

  1. Deoxys?– 345 Attack

  So this time out, Deoxys tops the chart with a blistering 345 attack. The problem here is that its attack takes all the glory, leaving it with some extremely subpar HP, defense and stamina stats.

  Mewtwo is definitely worthy of second place here.

  Rampardos and Archeops suffer similar issues to Deoxys, however, not quite as stark, both having better HP and stamina stats, with Archeops also having a better defensive stat.

  Remember, Trainers! You can encounter Clamperl in Research Breakthrough encounters throughout June!

  — Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) June 4, 2021

  The final way I’d consider things is by looking at the Master League meta.

  The Master League is clearly the hardest hitting in Pokemon GO and therefore must contain the strongest Pokemon.

  While these Pokemon may not have the best overall stats, they theoretically should pick up the most wins in the most competitive league.

  Here are the top five according to?PVPoke.

  5. Snorlax (Shadow XL)

  4. Melmetal (XL)

  3. Yveltal

  2. Dragonite (Shadow XL)

  1. Togekiss (XL)

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