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  10 Games To Play If You Love Days Gone

  By Joseph Metz Jr.

  Published May 31, 2021


  If you’re done with Days Gone and looking for another title with similar vibes, check out these recommendations.


  Days Gone offered PlayStation players a unique experience when it came to giving them an open world filled to the brim with zombies to explore on a motorcycle?as former biker Deacon. Though a sequel is uncertain at best, there is still a bountiful amount of zombie games out there filled with terrifying zombies.

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  Killing zombies has been an oddly satisfying. Whether it be in over the top ways or in a more grounded and realistic way like in Days Gone, there are no shortage of games that task you with surviving and/or fixing the zombie apocalypse.


  Zombies in ZombiU art walk around London with Big Ben in the background

  Also known as just Zombi on other consoles, ZombiU offers players a zombie infested London to explore in a first-person view. The goal is to survive and to find a cure for the infection.

  What separates this game from others is its permadeath system. When you die, you spawn as a new survivor and have to recover your gear. Plus there is a chance that your former character can become a zombie as well, adding a weight of horror to the experience.

  Encroaching zombies approach the player who is ready to chuck a molotov right at them in Dead Island

  Like ZombiU, Dead Island is another first-person open world game that is set on a tropical island paradise turned deadly.

  You can play as one of four different characters that each specialize in a certain type of weapon, such as melee weapons. Plus this game is similar to Days Gone in the fact that fans have been waiting a while for a sequel, which has been turned into a number of different memes.


  Two survivors attempt to rob another survivor with his hands on his head in DayZ

  While the game spent a long time in early access, few games offer an experience quite like DayZ. Players are let loose in a fictional post-Soviet Republic where an infection has left society in shambles and they have to scavenge for supplies.

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  Though the infected are bad enough, you have to worry about other players that make up the other survivors as well. Though you can band together to help each other, they are also just as likely to stab you in the back at any given moment. Watch yourself in this game.

  Frank West stands with a baseball bat in head as dozens of zombies surround him in a mall in Dead Rising

  A game that is as brutal as it is over-the-top and is Capcom’s other big zombie franchise. Dead Rising sees you control reporter Frank West as he tries to uncover the truth of a zombie outbreak in the fictional town of Wilamette, Colorado.

  The game is set on a 72-hour time limit and has multiple endings?based on your ability to solve the game’s cases and rescue survivors. Plus there are just so many unique ways to kill zombies in this game that add to the experience and make it worthwhile. You can kill zombies with Mega Man’s arm cannon. What more can you ask for?


  Sam Bridges traverses mountainous terrain in Death Stranding

  Death Stranding is one of those games that are hard to put into words and is better experienced first-hand.

  The gist though is that a cataclysmic event has left the U.S and the world crowded with terrifying creatures that now roam the world and your character, Sam Bridges who is played by Norman Reedus, is tasked with delivering supplies to numerous places and connecting them to others. It is a strange experience to say the least but one that will definitely stick with you.

  Making a toast with fellow surviors in Metro Exodus, a calm moment during the storm

  Trading in a motorcycle for a train, the game sees you lead a group of survivors across Russia dominated with mutated creatures after a nuclear war ended the war.

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  While there may not be zombies, there are still plenty of terrifying creatures to deal with that will have you wishing you were dealing with zombies instead. Plus it features an engaging story with sandbox areas to explore in between all the intense dangers.


  The player fights off a group of zombies armed with a knife and pistol in Dying Light

  A zombie game with an emphasis on parkour and melee combat. The game sees you control a government agent who must track a rogue political figure in the fictional Middle East city of Harran who is torn between completing his mission and helping survivors.

  The zombies are arguably the most dynamic part of the game. During the daytime, the zombies are slower and weaker whereas at night they are more dangerous and lethal. This makes the player plan their missions out accordingly and figure what is the best route to take to avoid the undead whenever needed.

  Leon tries to fight off a zombie with a knife in hand in Resident Evil 2: Remake

  The Resident Evil series pioneered the survival horror genre of video games and was arguably at its apex with its sequel which received a remake in 2019. In the game you go back and forth between playing as cop Leon Kennedy and motorcycle enthusiast Claire Redfield as they are trapped in the zombie infested Raccoon City and must uncover the truth of what happened there.

  You never know what is around the corner and the game is filled with both regular zombies and special infected that still terrify many to this day. Be sure to keep an eye on supplies.


  The Left 4 Dead 2 survivors (from left to right) Nick, Rochelle, Coach and Ellis arrive in New Orleans

  Few games have been able to capture the intensity of Left 4 Dead 2. Where some games focus on jump scares for horror, Left 4 Dead 2 scares lie in the fact you have to keep always pressing forward to safety regardless of whether you’re sufficiently equipped for it or not.

  The game follows four survivors of an infection that must make their way to an evacuation point across multiple chapters. The game absolutely requires you to work together with others or else you will all die. Like Resident Evil 2, you never truly know what’s around the next corner.

  Joel (middle) and Ellie (left) hide behind cover from a hostile survivor in The Last of Us 1

  Combining scares with excellent story telling, The Last of Us is a game that should be played at least once regardless of your opinion on Days Gone.

  The game sees you play as Joel who is tasked with protecting a girl, Ellie, who is immune to the infection that has ended society as we know it. Filled with shocking moments and heartwarming scenes of bonding between all the chaos, the game will keep you engaged from start to end.

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  playstation studios housemarque

  PlayStation Acquires Returnal Developer Housemarque

  Sony has revealed it has acquired Housemarque, the studio behind Returnal and other PlayStation exclusives.

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