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[best wii games]Best Tony Hawk Games Of All Time



  1nessisonett2 days ago

  Pretty much the entire top 10 is worth playing!



  2Papichulo2 days ago

  Honorable mention for the halfpipe in the Skate or Die games on the NES



  3SmaggTheSmug2 days ago

  I didn’t even know there were that many. I kinda stopped paying attention after the huge downgrade that was 4. I knew that some of the later ones turned more into Jackass games than skateboarding.

  I wish the remake was a trilogy rather than 1+2, THPS3 was a big step up compared to 2.



  4Offolsense2 days ago

  THPS 2 Sega Dreamcast is all I need



  5nessisonett2 days ago

  @SmaggTheSmug 4 and THUG are honestly really good. They’re a different type of game but the lack of a timer means they can make the levels bigger and more varied. The gimmicky stuff started to slowly ruin the series but I have better memories of those two games than any of the others.



  6Rpg-lover2 days ago

  Remembered playing this back in the days of Playstation one, I did had fun with it, together with my brothers and that was the last time I played a skating game. Don’t know if I should buy this or not. As the reviews are tempting.



  7SmaggTheSmug2 days ago

  @nessisonett I just found the bigger levels and the need to look for the objectives boring. Even though I spent a lot of time in free ride mode in 2 and 3 I didn’t appreciate it being the default in 4. Maybe because in the older games it felt like you were encouraged to use the entire level rather than just a part of it for a mission. Also the timer in the old games meant that the game kinda felt fit right in for a song length, while in 4 music felt a bit out of place. Like a random playlist plinking along, not relevant to the game at all.



  8Jey8872 days ago

  It blows my mind that there have been 27 Tony Hawk games…



  9Big_Fudge2 days ago

  I loved 1 and 2 and played them to death. Never felt the need to ever play another one though. Can’t believe they made so many



  10danemord2 days ago

  Oooh, so many good memories of THPS3…



  11Earl_Grey2 days ago

  @Jey887 My thoughts, exactly



  12Strife892 days ago

  I played 1 and 3 on my PS1; so many good memories – especially my constant practice on 3’s Foundry level trying to get a 1 million point run. I succeeded, and I hopefully still have the replay, but I’ve never been able to replicate the feat.

  I just got the new Switch game in the mail yesterday, and I’m looking forward to having a grand time with it!



  13LEGEND_MARIOID2 days ago

  I played Tony Hawk mainly on the PS & GBA systems. I never realised there were so many TH games on other Nintendo sytems!

  Downhill Jam was one of my many guilty pleasures on the good ol’ Wii mind you, lol.



  14ILIKECARGAME2 days ago

  So many good memories with this franchise. I remember playing THPS 1 on the N64 at friends house in high school. I still remember hearing the intro to Police Truck looping over and over and thinking his cartridge was broken. I had the Dreamcast version at home and didn’t realize the shortened tracks were due to the limitations of the cartridge. Still had a blast with the N64 version, though.



  15IronMan302 days ago

  I haven’t played any Tony Hawk game since American Wasteland but I will likely get 1+2 on Switch.



  16moodycat2 days ago

  I’m surprised there are this many Tony Hawk games…



  17martynstuff2 days ago

  2 and 3 on gba were my introduction to the series. They were such good takes on the formula considering the hardware

  Actually, my first introduction was 3 on GBC, I remember cycling 6 miles to Curry’s to buy after my dad left for work at 4pm. By the time I left to return home, it was 6.30pm and pitch black. Had to sleepover at my great aunts and got a call from my dad saying he was ‘disappointed’ in me



  18Ryu_Niiyama2 days ago

  Huh. Didn’t know there were N64 versions. Would’ve gotten into the franchise as those years were the height of my extreme sports fandom. As such I considered the franchise to be a PlayStation franchise and thus ignored it and by the time I saw gamecube entries, I no longer cared. As such, the remakes will my first time playing the series. Hope I find it fun.



  19Nin10dood2 days ago

  I played TH 1, 2, 3 & 4 on my PS1 and PS2 as the controllers are way better for pulling off combo’s than any Nintendo pad.

  I also got the remakes on the PS4 for the same reason thanks to Sony not changing their controllers for years and keepng very similar layouts.

  Fell straight back into racking up ridiculous scores as It felt natural and I remembered most of the button combinations.

  Sometimes a lack of innovation for your controllers pays off

  I own both 1 & 2 on my 64 and I can’t pull half the moves I can with a Sony controller.

  Also I rate 3 as my all time favourite thanks mainly in having the best level ever, the cruise ship.

  Some seriously massive scores on that level.

  Let’s hope 3 & 4 get the same treatment as 1 & 2 as I would snap that up in a heartbeat.



  20kingbk2 days ago

  I’ve been very impressed with the Switch game. Playing it a ton this weekend, both docked and portable. So much fun and perfect for short gaming sessions.



  21larryisanassman2 days ago

  Proving Ground DS and American Sk8land are some of the best skating games I ever played. Massively underrated on this list!



  22UmbreonsPapa2 days ago

  @Ryu_Niiyama It’s funny that so many associates the series with PlayStation. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have a PlayStation as a teen. But I did have a Dreamcast and ultimately a GameCube. Those are the consoles (especially the Dreamcast) that I closely associate with the series



  23MeatSauce1 day ago

  @UmbreonsPapa People associate it with Playstation because they got the games 1st early in the series.1 came out on PS1 in August 99 and on N64 in February 2000.2 came out on PS1 in September 2000 and N64 in August 2001.3 came out on PS1 & PS2 in October 2001 and N64 in August 2002.If you wanted to play THPS at launch you needed a playstation or you were waiting 6 months to almost a year in some cases.



  24Poodlestargenerica1 day ago

  Everyone hate’s underground 2 because it’s “not a skateboarding game” but it’s my favorite. It’s really just a platformer with a lot of wacky fantasy elements, and it’s great and fun. I need to play the psp version with bonus levels one of these days.



  25JayJ1 day ago

  THPS 1+2 is incredible on the Switch. I also got the game on my Xbox Series X, and the game looks incredible on that console, but the way the game looks on the Switch is a lot closer to what I remember those early THPS games looking like. That and having the games on a portable is amazing, especially on the Switch Lite with it’s d-pad.

  As for the series, I think it slowly got worse over time, but had a few high and lows here and there. For example THPS 1-4 were incredible games, total classics, but they are less memorable and nostalgic for me as I go on. The THUG games were good but lacked the style that THPS was known for, and THUG 2 felt like it was more aimed around Jackass than anything else. I don’t even remember American Wasteland but it seemed to be more of the same from that THUG era.

  Project 8 felt like a high point for me after that, like they were going back to the first 4 games, but sadly that was pretty much it for the series, after that the games got all gimmicky and were nothing like the THPS games I loved. The Ride and Shred era games felt like real low points, when Robomodo got handed the series and sunk it to depths I never thought possible by the time they released THPS 5. Luckily they are no more and the series finally got handed off to a competent developer who could do the games some proper justice in the modern era.



  26Ryu_Niiyama1 day ago

  @UmbreonsPapa to my knowledge I have never seen an N64 game or an ad (granted by 2000 I was barely watching live tv so I could prep for college) for it and all I saw growing up were PS1 ads for the series. So By the time I saw it on gamecube (aside from the genesis I was a Nintendo only gamer until college) I didn’t care/had too much other things to play. 1080 snowboarding kept me plenty occupied.



  27Ambassador_Kong1 day ago

  THPS 1+2 on Switch is only 30 fps. Hard pass.



  28westmeadow1 day ago

  I love these games. The GBA games were good times but the 2D never did it for me. 3 was the pinnacle, IMO, with 4 as a close second. Then probably 2 then Underground 1 then the original. I haven’t enjoyed any of the others too much that I’ve played. I greatly look forward to playing the 1+2 remake and would be thrilled to have a 3+4!



  2960frames-please1 day ago

  I think I remember playing a demo of THPS 1 on Playstation before it came out, like they had with that magazine or whatever that had monthly demo discs. It was so fun. Yeah, these games are amazing. Played 1, 2, and 3 to death on PS1, PS2, N64, Dreamcast, and Gamecube. The third one is definitely my favorite so I’m looking forward to a remake of that whenever it comes out.



  30Phenzy1 day ago

  I don’t know *****. But underground is the next remaster.



  31ARPK1 day ago

  I’m actually more than a little taken aback by the low community scores for the DS versions of Proving Ground and American Wastleland. Those were both exceptional handheld Tony Hawk games and really demonstrated why the remasters of THPS 1 and 2 were in such good hands with Vicarious Visions.



  32HDmumble1 day ago

  I was like, “Yeah, okay. Tony Hawk. I’ll skim the article…27!? There were 27 Tony Hawk games? I thought there were like eight. Like eight and a spinoff. I remember underground. 27?” Then I found underground near the top. Yep. About right.



  33Styrophoamicus1 day ago

  @Papichulo I remember when you bailed it looked like the skater’s head came off, but I think it was supposed to be the helmet. Hard to tell with all the pixel jank



  34Joriss1 day ago

  So happy to see Tony Hawk 3 on Gamecube in second place. One of the first game we got when we bought the console, so many great memories. A whole lot of horse games though…



  35KnightsTemplar1 day ago

  No argument from me.. fantastic remakes



  36d-slice1 day ago

  But what about Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure that used the same engine? Toys for Bob worked on that one. This is the important question.



  37Mr_Humpf23 hours ago

  I had no idea there were so many.



  38NickDaddyCool21 hours ago

  Stopped reading once you claimed the ds one was toilet after admitting you never played it. I never played it, and it probably was, but I’m not gonna read a long @$$ article you just phoned in. Take two seconds and grab a copy and try it out. I’m sure you’ve got a way to get access to it



  39Sublogic21 hours ago

  @MeatSauce Also the N64 versions of the game were crap compared to Playstation.



  40MeatSauce19 hours ago

  @Sublogic Very true.I used to love playing against my friends that only had the n64 version cause I always had 6 months or more of experience and I knew all the secrets.Back then I’d get it for PS1,N64,Dreamcast and GBA.



  41Rosona2 hours ago


  You’re missing out!

  Only hurting your own entertainment looking at it like this.

  You don’t notice it when you play, an if you did I would wager you are not a Switch player only.

  The performance of it prepatch is more than adequate (patch inserts multiplayer along with some other bits), then it gets better with it.

  Playing it hand held is glorious fun and the memories/muscle memory stands you in very good stead to just enjoy it or the comfort food it is. Stepping into an old sock never felt so good.

  Fantastic port.


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