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  Elden Ring just revealed its’ first gameplay trailer which includes a large number of details and features to hype any fans of the Souls series.

  By Harry Mourtzanakis

  Published Jun 15, 2021



  Elden Ring just released a trailer in the Summer Game Fest which reveals multiple features that the game will include. As an implicit continuation to the Dark Souls series, Elden Ring manages to maintain a similar vibe and includes some returning features directly inspired by the previous games.

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  On top of that, it also includes multiple new concepts and ideas that give it a completely unique vibe. Although only a three-minute long trailer, there are lots of features included mostly in the form of small details and short cutscenes that keep fans?hyped for the official launch of the game.



  Probably the most important thing in the trailer is that it finishes with a release date. Elden Ring is coming on the 21st of January, 2022 and will be available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and PC through Steam.?Usually, these trailers come with an estimated date and no information about console availability, so this is a big surprise for all fans of the game. Its release is sooner than most fans expected, which is definitely good news.

  Elden Ring' map can be explored at the player's leisure

  One of the first things seen in the trailer is the large and more open world compared to the previous Souls games. With many more places to explore in each area, it can be assumed that the game will be filled with secrets. Secret items in hidden spots in a secret corner, a secret passage to a new area with new optional bosses, or even secret NPCs that allow for some unique dialogues and can potentially lead to different endings. All these features that were included in the previous Souls games will almost surely be back and to an even larger extent.


  Elden Ring's Monsters Are Like Bloodborne's

  As shown in the trailer, the player starts naked while grabbed by a huge hand. Later on, in what seems to be a boss fight, the boss addresses the player as a “lowly tarnished” while also demanding from him to kneel as if the boss were some kind of god. This is similar to the Hollow, which is what the player is during the first?Dark Souls?game.

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  It is considered to be a fate that the player is doomed to follow and eventually become fully hollow unless they can find some humanity.?It seems possible that a similar concept will be favored in Elden Ring.

  Elden Ring 2021 Trailer Screenshot

  One of the new and most hyped features showcased in the trailer is horse riding.?Seeing the player riding their horse throughout multiple picturesque wildlands while also wielding a sword and fighting while mounted is truly breathtaking.

  Horse riding and horse combat were lacking from the previous Souls games, and their addition in this trailer appears to have been done perfectly. The fans are hyped for this new feature, and rightly so.



  Dragons?are there in every Souls game, and Elden Ring is no exception.?It is not sure if they will be in the form of world bosses, or more in the form of area guardians like the Helkite Dragon that was guarding the bridge in the first Dark Souls game.

  In the trailer, one four-winged dragon is shown using its fire breath and even wielding a bolt of lightning that it throws towards the player, and it’s somewhat reminiscent of the enemies encountered in The Ringed City.?Being both scary and impressive, dragons are something to look forward to.


  The player is seen throughout the trailer wearing different kinds of armor.?In the previous Souls games, changing armor often either due to stats or because of fashion was a fun and unique?feature that players enjoyed.

  This seems like it will carry on to Elden Ring and will allow players to create some unique appearances with armor and weapon combinations which can be shared with others through the up to 4 players co-op feature.


  Elden Ring Landscape Cover

  The world is not only larger and more open compared to the previous Souls games, but it also includes some breathtaking locations. The trailer offers a short glimpse of a magnificent cathedral-inspired castle, which will probably be one of the explorable areas in Elden Ring.

  It is surprising that this area is strikingly similar to Dark Souls 3 Irityll of the Boreal Valley area, which is considered by many fans as one the most beautiful areas in the game.

  Elden Ring: Who Are The Tarnished?

  In the short section that showcases the combat in Elden Ring, it can be seen that it will bear a lot of similarities with the Dark Souls games. The trailer reveals slow-paced combat focused on regular, slash, strike, and thrust attacks as well as some parry mechanics.

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  Combat is considered by most as one of the best aspects of the Dark Souls games (despite being a bit frustrating at times), and carrying it over to Elden Ring?is something to look forward to.


  Elden Ring's Bosses Look Like Dark Souls' Greatest

  It wouldn’t be a proper trailer if it hadn’t showcased some of the enemies that players will be called to face.?From one of the first scenes, an enemy that looks like a ceramic pot is revealed, which is similar to Dark Souls’ mimic chests and will make the player think twice before rolling or breaking any of the pots on the map.

  Further to that, some of the boss fights are revealed, and each boss includes their own mechanics and even their own backstory—one is seen wearing a crown, another demanding recognition as if it were a god.

  Elden Ring Appears To Have Its Own Dark Souls Fire Keeper

  Probably the most important figure in the whole trailer is the hooded lady whose name is not yet known, and we would wager that she is probably the one speaking throughout the trailer.

  Due to her similarity in appearance with the Fire Keeper in the Dark Souls series, she is expected to play a central role in the game. If a mechanic similar to bonfires is used, she can be expected to serve as their guardian or a shrine keeper who guides the player throughout the game.

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