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[lokicraft]Top 5 Farming Games That Anyone Will Love


  The overall gaming industry is growing at a fast pace and many people in this situation are enjoying different types of mobile games. Farming games aren’t the most popular among mobile games. Still, there is a loyal base fan base for this type of game. Though it’s a different type of game, farming simulators have several unique gameplay elements. Here we look at the top 5 Farming Games that you will love.


  This game is the best and unique farming game. This is among few games which are supporting offline play. You dig up the ground, plant various types of grains, upbring animals and harvest their milk and eggs. The controls are easy enough and there are contents to unlock and play with. This is a good option for casual players.


  This game is also very interesting. This is a popular farming simulator franchise with its 2020 release. Here also you get a farm, grow stuff, harvest it and sell for profit. But this game is different as it has a vast array of machines you get to use, including 100 vehicles from an actual name brand. Additionally, you can take care of horses, enjoy graphics, and even drives the vehicles from the cockpit.


  This is a popular farming game from the makers of clash of clans. This game has around 100 millions downloads. Clean up the old farm, plant crops, and unlock the various building. You can explore the town, roadside shop to run, a fishing mini-game and even can build your town. It’s truly a great experience. It’s a freemium game.


  You can do the things whatever you want in Minecraft. You can mine, you can craft, you can do stuff like build a farm, fish, and raise animals. You need at least some farming skills. You can raise chicken for egg, plant various types of crops, and then craft all foodstuff into actual food items. The mobile version also works perfectly.

  Stardew VALLEY.

  This Stardew Valley is the best farming simulator on mobile. It has all the usual elements, including the ability to grow, harvest it properly and sell. You can go into town, and meet the townspeople, get married, engage in town events, go fishing and more. The developer boasts 50 hours of play.