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[mkt app download]PUBG Mobile 2 may launch next week | Check availability, download link and more NOW!


  PUBG Mobile update: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly one of the most famous battle royale game globally at present. After the huge success of the PUBG Mobile around the world, the game developers are planning to bring sequel for both its web and mobile versions. And, according to the rumors, PUBG Mobile 2 is likely to launch next week.

  Please note that PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite is currently banned in India due to national security issues. Meanwhile, according to the BGR India report,? PUBG Mobile version 2.0 will come across a major update after minor updates have been released in the past, as well as, quite recently with small changes here and there.

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  A known PUBG data miner ‘PlayerIGN’ has shared a tweet that reveals that PUBG Mobile 2 launch will take place next week. The information comes from a now-deleted Weibo post. Besides the expected launch time, the post also hints at some of the features the new version will get. It is revealed that PUBG Mobile 2.0 will take a futuristic approach and will be set in 2051, the report said.

  The battle royale game is likely to include futuristic gadgets, maybe, drones, deployable bunkers, and more equipment for players. Also, the sequel to PUBG is expected to be available for both Android and iOS users, acting as a source of joy for PUBG fans.

  Additionally,? previous leak suggests that version 2 of the game could include support for cross-platform capability across PCs, gaming consoles, and mobile. This means that the new version of the game might be playable in India too, where PUBG is not available to play. For those who don’t know, a PUBG 2.0 version has been in the works by Krafton since 2019, which means that it could possibly be ready, but there is not enough certainty there.