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﹛﹛Syncshots are a key part of playing Ghost Recon: Breakpoint with AI teammates. These are shots that you can line up in advance and have executed in the blink of an eye. If you time things right, you can take four or five enemies down within seconds of each other. This guide explains how to pull off Syncshots and why you might need to in the field.

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﹛﹛A Syncshot is an order in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. After identifying and tagging up to three enemies, your AI teammates will move into positions where they can kill those enemies with a headshot. As soon as you initiate the Syncshot, your allies will kill each enemy simultaneously. Meaning no one will be around to see them die.

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﹛﹛To line up a Syncshot, you need to first have your AI teammates with you. You can pick one target per teammate, so if you choose to have all three teammates with you, you*ll be able to target three enemies. You can tag enemies using your scope by aiming down the sights at those enemies and pressing the tag button. However, this means that you*ll have to get quite close to them.

﹛﹛It*s safer to tag enemies using your drone. You can fly this around the area and scout for enemies to tag. It*s better to tag enemies who are far away from any other NPCs. If your kills are noticed, it might compromise your current mission, so try to remain stealthy and pick targets in a group together or individually far away from anyone else.

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﹛﹛Once you*ve tagged an enemy, you*ll notice that an icon appears above their heads. This will contain a letter, A, B, or C. The letter and icon will flash as your teammate gets into position. Don*t trigger the Syncshot while the icon is flashing. If you do, your teammate won*t get the kill in time, and your enemies will notice that something is wrong. Wait until the icons have all stopped flashing. This means that your teammates are ready to fire.

﹛﹛You trigger the Syncshot by holding down the tag button. After a second or so, all the tagged enemies will be shot and killed. They should fall silently to the ground, alerting no one. After you*ve used a Syncshot, you*ll see a meter appear. This is your cooldown timer, and you must wait for it to empty before using the Syncshot again.

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﹛﹛In a game like Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, any encounter can go south fast. Your enemies are powerful, and if you get overwhelmed, you*ll be killed before you can retreat and recover. It*s always better to approach your enemy stealthily, and using Syncshots can help. You can take out three enemies with your teammates and use your own gun to take down a few more while you wait for it to recharge.

﹛﹛Killing various enemy types with Syncshots will also help you unlock Teammate Upgrades. Some of the earliest challenges in the game task you with performing this type of shot. The more you do, the better your teammates will be.