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[outriders game]Here’s What The Next ‘Outriders’ Patches Are Buffing And Fixing


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  People Can Fly

  Now that the major disastrous bugs of Outriders have been fixed, the game is going to be able to focus more on what it should have been doing all along, quality of life changes and balancing issues, along with lingering, smaller problems that are still annoying.

  Yesterday during a newly weekly developer news drop, Outriders detailed what exactly is coming in its next patches, though we don’t have a timeline on the next one yet.

  Outriders will be buffing skills on all four classes in an upcoming patch, and want to hit all classes at once rather than doing them separate, so the wait may be a bit longer. If the last batch of buffs were any indication, these should be major changes, like what they did to FASER on Pyromancer that instantly made it top-tier. No word on buffs to underused mods or weapon types, however.

  They are still looking at Xbox sign-in issues, which I can personally attest to, are still annoying and it takes way too long to get in, and Quick Resume does nothing since you have to reconnect to the server.


  People Can Fly

  They go through a number of bugs affecting a whole bunch of bugged skills or mods. They’re aiming to fix issues with Hunt the Prey, Venator’s Knife, Gravity Leap, Moaning Winds, Devastator’s Statue Set, Technomancer’s Borealis Set and Blood Donation.

  Looking into issues with shields being bypassed for damage, which may be a visual bug, not a damage mitigation bug. And the same goes for the “damage blocked” stat which may not be accurately reflecting how much damage is actually getting blocked.

  Finally, they admit that the Brood Mother’s blue ground fire Surge attack is very hard to see, which has been a day one problem and the cause of more deaths than I can count given that it is practically fully invisible.


  All of these changes sound good to me, but I think they need to absolutely focus on something that is not on here at all. Matchmaking remains a problem. It’s gotten a little better, and connections and lag are better at least, but finding a game remains incredibly annoying, getting put into an absurd amount of AFK lobbies, possibly because they never actually fixed the fact that they’ll change your settings to Open all the time without you know. Meaning you can go in there to change your gear around and they’ll put people in your lobby, the source of many of these AFK instances. This is a really big problem when it takes 5-10 attempts to even find a proper expedition unless you want to launch solo.

  Also, we need to be able to lock items.

  Anyway, looking forward to seeing all of this come to pass. Perhaps a patch next week, but we don’t have a timeline.

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