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[Final Fantasy XV]10 Best Character Outfit Designs in Final Fantasy XV, Ranked




  10 Best Character Outfit Designs in Final Fantasy XV, Ranked

  By Talisa Blackman

  Published May 06, 2021


  Final Fantasy XV featured some great character designs — and they were all tied together by equally great outfits. These are the best of them.

  A composite image of Prompto and Cindy from Final Fantasy 15

  Final Fantasy XV?is an interesting addition to the franchise. It took the “road trip with your friends” vibe from previous Final Fantasy games and made it quite literal with a cast of memorable characters, and an even more memorable car.

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  FFXV is also a gorgeous game, creating an Eos with such stunningly rendered detail that it makes completing the?million fetch quests almost enjoyable. It also has the dubious distinction of being a game where the bad guys far outclass the good guys in terms of style. Noctis and his friends might stick to basic black, but at least the baddies know how to wear a cape. Here are?ten of the best looks from the game.


  Cindy from Final Fantasy 15 with an ill-fitting jacket

  Cindy is the happy-go-lucky, grease-monkey daughter of Cid the mechanic. She’s one of the first allies the four friends have once they leave Lucis, and she’s technically Cid number 2 of the game.

  Cindy’s?certainly inspired many artists to?recreate her look with some amazing fanart, and she gets a lot of points for being a colorful gal in a monochrome world. She still sports the Eos black-and-white with her?boots and thigh-high leg-warmers, but her blue daisy-dukes, red visor, and bright yellow jacket are a welcome spot of color.

  Noctis hanging out in a church from Final Fantasy 15

  The prince squeaks onto this list despite being clad in all black, like the majority of the good guys. While black is always classic, Noctis makes it even more of a high fashion statement with the textures in his outfit, such as the detailing on his shirt. The short length of his coat and sleeves is a much welcome change from the many floor-length ensembles in this game, and it makes much more sense with the warm climate.

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  The only questionable part is the combination of cargo-capri pants and tall boots with no socks. It’s not a terrible look, but the prince is just asking for blisters.


  Close up of Prompto from FF15

  Prompto is the youngest of Noctis’ companions and arguably one of the best playable characters in combat. He’s a generally upbeat guy, easily distracted and played for laughs despite his tragic past.

  Prompto sports the most interesting outfit of the four friends. He’s clad in all black, of course, but he manages to sneak some textures and patterns in that set him apart from his friends. His look is a hilarious mash-up of different styles: he’s got the glam leopard print pants, the punk rocker faux-hawk and studded shirt, and the 90s grunge plaid and wallet-chain combo. With all these disparate styles, it’s almost as if Prompto doesn’t know who he truly i …

  King Regis says goodbye to Noctis in Final Fantasy XV

  Regis is Noctis’ father and the King of Lucis at the beginning of the game. He appears only briefly, but he manages to make an impact with his?style and his devotion to Noctis and Lucis.

  The King wears a pinstripe suit that perfectly represents his role and his overly professional demeanor. He is willing to sacrifice anything for his country and his son, but he doesn’t seem much for hugs. His accessories speak to his true nature though. He wears a truly beautiful golden knee brace and uses a cane to walk, due to an old injury. The?flourish with which he wears?his cape and shoulder guard shows that some of Noctis’ swaggery attitude still lives in Regis, too.


  Noctis and Lunafreya from Final Fantasy 15

  As the oracle, Lunafreya can communicate with the gods and is?steadfastly in Noctis’ court. As one of his more important allies, it’s strange that she doesn’t appear more in the game, but her most dramatic moment in the game also comes with her most dramatic outfit.

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  The?trailing?white dress that she wears to address the crowd in Altissia is simple, clean, and elegant, and something that easily might be worn outside of a JRPG. There are no frills to this dress, which very much in line with Lunafreya’s personality, but the cut has a swirling pattern to it that evokes her mysticism. It’s also pure white,?reminding the player of her unused wedding dress, which is another outfit that might make it in the real world, as it was designed by Vivienne Westwood.


  Verstael appears very little in FFXV proper, but has a very important role in the story nonetheless — as the person to release Ardyn back into Eos, specifically. He is also the imperial researcher who creates Niflheim’s Magitek?soldiers.

  For someone who ostensibly spends much of his time researching, Verstael’s getup is extremely militaristic. This might be a nod to all of his research subjects being deeply violent and meant to aid Niflheim in?war. His outfit is also surprisingly?conspicuous?for someone who works behind-the-scenes; clad in purple and red, with steel detailing and a dramatic red cape, Verstael resembles a king from Arthurian legends, not the mad scientist he truly is.

  A close up of Gentiana from Final Fantasy XV

  Gentiana is the human form of the astral being Shiva. Of the Astrals, she is the most linked to humans, as the protector and companion of Lunafreya.

  Gentiana’s human look is far superior to her goddess one. Her classy look?expresses her cool, collected manner. The high cut of her skirt in front shows off her thigh-high, open-toed boots, and the secret gold lining on the inside of her dress, potentially a nod to the goddess that exists inside Gentiana’s human form. The coolest part of her look is that her hair, with its blunt-cut bangs and length in the back, resembles the cut of her dress, making her ensemble feel?well-organized and contained, like Gentiana herself.


  Aranea Highwind from Final Fantasy XV


  Aranea Highwind is a commodore in the Empire who opposes Noctis at first but quickly becomes an ally. Although she is a mercenary, she has high moral standards and a strong personality that?refuses?to be anyone’s pet warrior.

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  It’s ironic, then, that her outfit features a cage on her face. Aranea’s look?incorporates the?three colors most used in the characters’ designs, reflecting her changing alliances — white for the empire and Tenebrae, black for Lucis, and copper-red for?fashion. Between her skin-tight leatherwear and her impressive bladed shoulder armor, she is simultaneously?stylish and?exuding?major “don’t mess with me” vibes.

  Ravus Nox Fleuret from Final Fantasy XV

  Ravus Nox Fleuret is Lunafreya’s older brother, the former Prince of Tenebrae. His bitterness at the fall of Tenebrae leads him to blame Lucis, and he aligns himself with Niflheim.

  When it comes to Final Fantasy fashion, more is just always more. Ravus sports a floor-length, long-sleeved coat, high-collared coat with an asymmetrical cut, multiple belts, innumerable buttons, quasi-religious detailing, and a single metal full-sleeve armguard. He’s tricked out in every Final Fantasy staple, except for pants with two different leg lengths, and, well, it works. The bright white makes him stand out against the sea of black leather, even if it’s highly impractical for one with so much blood on his hands. Ravus’ classic hero look and boy-band hair make him one of the best-dressed characters of FFXV; too bad he doesn’t have the charisma to match.


  Ardyn Izunia from Final Fantasy XV

  Ardyn is one of the main antagonists of FF15, and the oldest character in the game, as an immortal being at least two millennia old.?Ardyn takes the cake both for being both the most obnoxious character?and the one with the most style. He is technically both a bad guy and a sulky good guy, with a past as complicated as his outfit.

  Ardyn is appropriately clad in shades of gray, sporting a complex layered look that nearly entirely obscures his form. He wears pinstriped pants and a vest, a tribute to his fancy lineage, and a long dark coat. He wears not one, but two scarves, an orange one to protect his throat, and a gorgeous gray and white blanket scarf that he throws over his shoulders, adding to his off-kilter, evil-puppet vibe. His most standout feature is his purple hair which is often covered by a regrettable fedora.

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